Driven by passion, motivated by challenges

Experiential and contextual learning

With the help of community of experts

A vocational training platform

To improve employability in remote places

Offering personalized experience

Through user-centered content curation

Efficient procurement and planning

With NoSQL/Elastic enterprise platform

Monitoring the campaign performance

By automating the scheduling and monitorin...

Tracking the RoI of marketing spend

To manage the increasing scale and data co...

Increasing reach of healthcare ser...

Using IoT-enabled telehealth devices

The knowledge graph of health data

To improve business intelligence using mac...

AI-powered chatbot

To facilitate better financial decision ma...

Line of credit platform

Becomes interactive and engaging

On-demand personalized experience

Bringing destination marketers and travele...

Providing real-time business insights

From multiple data sources on a single pla...

An energy analytics platform

Simulating building retrofits cost-effecti...