Arrive at actionable business insights in half the time with our golden data path framework

Guiding your data towards your value lake

Our robust data flow framework accelerates your data into business decisions, by optimizing the movement and manipulation of data across your organization.

How It Works

A result-oriented framework designed to ingest and handle petabyte-scale data to achieve practical business insights to deliver maximum value.

From extracting data from various sources to transforming and loading it into destination systems, our framework handles it all effortlessly.

Seamless and accurate transfer of data from source to target, ensuring 99.9% data accuracy.
Create and manage effective data pipelines with ease, improving efficiency by 75%.
Extract actionable insights and enable smarter decision-making, increasing decision-making speed by 50%.

Experience the power of efficient data flow with Nineleaps.

Golden Path Data Flow Framework

Data Sources Integration

Integration with various sources like CSV files, APIs, sFTP servers, and emails for seamless data collection, achieving 100% data integration coverage.

Data Ingestion

Apache Airflow-powered ingestion process handles ingestion of diverse data formats efficiently, reducing ingestion time by 60%.

Automated Workflow Management

Utilizes Apache Airflow's orchestration capabilities for automated data pipeline management, cutting manual intervention by 80%.

Data Processing

Processes data from ingestion through to processing and distribution, creating primary, secondary, and tertiary datasets, increasing processing speed by 70%.

Data Sharing

Allows sharing of processed data in various formats, including CSV files, APIs, sFTP servers, and emails, with 100% format compatibility.

Scalability and Reliability

Ensures scalability by rapidly scaling up multiple pipelines with short turnaround times, enhancing scalability by 90%.

Security Measures

Implements security measures to maintain data integrity and confidentiality, with role-based access controls, achieving 99.99% security compliance.

Industry Applications

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Multi modal journey platform for a leading car manufacturer

Learn how we helped them to develop a Multi Modal Journey Platform, integrating various transport modes, real-time tracking, and mobile ticketing.

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