We are a happy bunch

So, what is the secret behind our smiles? It is nothing but the fact that we love what we do. We put in all that we have and never give up until done. Technology comes to us as a second language and we are always eager to learn new things.

Life @Nineleaps

Get Set Go!

A hot brimming cup of coffee in hand and the systems turning on, we are all geared up for the day. The stand-up meetings provide a path for the day ahead, giving an insight into the progress of the project.

Bounce Ideas Off Each Other

We believe that magic and new technology go hand in hand. And we love to see the magic unveil. New ideas come to the table and there we are, racking our brains, developing something new every time.

Brain Teasers On The Way

With every eye glued to the screen, the puzzles created by peers appear on Slack. This refills energy into all, breaking the noon lethargy, preparing us for the peak brainstorming hours.

Chill out

Wrapping up our work, we call it a day. Taking a step out of our working spaces, we enter one of the coolest places in Bangalore and we are all set to paint the town red. Rejuvenate!

Oh! Did we mention?

Exponential learning curve

The learning process will
never be stagnant
working on various
platforms and ushering

Work with the best

Majority of the employees
are from premier
institutions. Working with them
is exciting and gives
enriching experience.

It’s not only about work

We have some cool
ways of breaking the monotony.
The hackathon and
sports tournament
are just a few to mention.

We have you covered

To lessen your worries,
we provide cab service
for women, to
make sure you have a
peaceful ride back home.