We Are Your Strategic Partners!

We understand the critical importance of a clear strategic vision in navigating the complexities of modern software development. By aligning our efforts with your overarching goals, we ensure that our solutions are technically robust and contribute to your organization's long-term success.

Partnership-Driven Approach

Our partner ecosystem empowers us to create innovative and flexible solutions across various industries and technology domains, delivering differentiated business value.

Why Partner with Nineleaps?

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Through continuous experimentation and learning, we ensure that our solutions remain cutting-edge and adaptable to evolving needs and technologies.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

We foster a culture of collaboration across different teams and departments, breaking down silos to enable seamless communication and cooperation. By working together, we leverage the diverse expertise within your organization.

What are we looking for?

Nineleaps is dedicated to expanding both organically and through strategic acquisitions. When considering potential acquisitions, we seek:

  • High growth potential
  • Robust client relationships
  • A strong management team committed to growing with the company
  • A history of profitability or a clear path to achieving profitability within one year

Emerging Technologies

Companies offering consulting or managed services in the following areas:

  • Cloud application migration
  • Platform Engineering
  • Big Data and analytics

Additionally, they should demonstrate high growth, a strong client base, and a path to profitability within 1-2 years.

Enterpsire Application Technologies

  • A strong client base with a significant presence in a specific vertical
  • Preference for partners experienced in Force.com platform development and Wave Analytics
  • Minimum EBITDA of $3 million
  • A history of profitable growth

Application Development & Managed Services

Companies with recurring client contracts and robust outsourcing relationships

  • Proven experience in migrating clients to newer technologies, such as mobile and cloud
  • Minimum EBITDA of $4 million

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