The Journey from System Admin to DevOps Superstar

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According to a report by the Economic Times, when organizations cultivate a better work environment, the overall experience improves exponentially. They find true meaning in their jobs by prioritizing employees’ mettle, exceeding expectations, and work allocation.

Employees seek exposure and opportunities in their jobs. By building productivity and customer satisfaction they enhance their portfolio.

Radhakrishnan one of our DevOps superstars, has contributed with his service and time for over 8 years. To commemorate this everlasting relationship we got into a candid conversation with him. Here’s what he had to say about his journey before and with Nineleaps.

Radhakrishnan is originally from a small town near Bengaluru, Hosur. After completing his MBA, his interest developed in computers and networking. He successfully gained appropriate knowledge by undertaking network courses and embarked on a journey to becoming a system admin. He enjoyed working for various companies as a system admin.

Then came Nineleaps which gave new horizons of opportunities to his mettle. When we asked him about his transition from a system admin to a DevOps engineer, he fondly remembered a quote given to him by our CEO on the day of his selection.

You are on the flight now, just fly,” — Divy Shrivastava.

And, so he did.

Divy’s words of confidence boosted his resolve. The walk towards DevOps became a sprint, as multiple iterations of knowledge and experience suffused him. The arena of his work leaped and much to his admiration, he realized DevOps to be his passion and soul.

Right from the get-go, an intensive training regimen, honing his skills, immersing himself in countless hours of study, and shadowing esteemed senior members of our organization he grasped the crucial importance of comprehending tasks and prioritizing them effectively. Driven by an unwavering desire to learn and prove his mettle, his transition from a system admin to a DevOps maestro was seamless. Multiple training sessions helped him get a deeper understanding of internal and external projects as well as the product, giving him never-to-dull confidence.

Learning and development, knowledge transfers, and peer learning are certainly at the core of Nineleaps which helped him become the super engineer he is today. These trainings were both from the client’s side as well as in-house learning at Nineleaps.

“In my opinion what sets Nineleaps apart is our dynamic and flexible approach to projects, with extensive focus on Agile methodology we are trained and nourished to build quality solutions for our clients, and also are facilitated with high-tech exposure by working with industry giants and rewarded with the utmost respect and growth opportunities.”

To understand more closely we asked him about the challenges he faced at times, and according to him, documentation was a challenge. He feels all the work that the employee is doing must be documented and organized in a proper way as it will help them in the future. He also informed about instances where a person working on a specific problem might face similar challenges later in the same week and not be able to recall what the solution was properly, in such cases documenting everything became important. The organization’s culture was very open and asking questions or requesting help was never an issue which facilitated collaboration in resolving such challenges.

Nineleaps became the crucible to test his mettle and with each strike of the hammer, a superstar was born.

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