Upskill for Career Advancement

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A recent NASSCOM report says approximately 40% of the estimated 4 million workforce in India need to upskill over the next 5 years to stay relevant in the wake of increasing automation and digitization.

Technology is advancing at an exponential pace transforming business models and the ecosystem. Rapid proliferation of digital technologies, shift towards service economy and dynamic market demands are fueling the need for workforce with right skills and competencies. To stay competitive in this rapidly shifting marketplace, organizations are forced to revisit their strategies in order to retain and recognize top performers with niche skills. Just last year, one of the leading IT major laid off approximately 6000 employees, who were not being able to meet new business requirements.

Going by the trend, it is evident that there is a pressing need for employees to proactively upskill in order to stay relevant. Apart from ensuring that you do not put yourself in a disadvantageous position, here are three other reasons why it’s time for you to gear up, refine and update your expertise.

Eliminate the risk of being redundant

As organizations continue to adopt automation, there is a rising concern regarding redundancy of roles. While you may have years of very useful and satisfying experience, given the blistering pace of change, it can still make you redundant. People are being replaced in their jobs to optimize productivity, cost and efficiency. In a modern environment where every business is trying to stay ahead of the curve, there is a high demand for talented and skilled resources. Which means, employees who fail to upskill may find it difficult to survive. Updating your skill will make you more competitive and valuable to your organization, offering better job security.

Future proof your career

As a tenured employee you may bring greater experience to the table, however given the rapidly changing business requirements you may not always have necessary skills to match current or future business requirements. The employment landscape is increasingly becoming unpredictable and the only sure-fire way to shield your career against change is to continually upskill. We are witnessing a sweeping change across sectors with the advent of technology that has led to the emergence of new job roles and expectations that require new skills. As businesses continue to transform it is only imperative for employees to evolve and acquire new skills to keep pace with the change. And, if you fall behind the learning curve it will only weaken your position for any lateral progression or promotion.

Rediscover your potential

Upskilling has abundant advantages, from ensuring career growth to boosting personal morale and confidence. Acquiring new skills and building new expertise sets you on the path of personal and professional development, allowing you to unlock your learning potential and rediscover your strengths. Learning helps you grow and evolve, it not only makes you valuable to your organization but drive professional growth and cease future opportunities.

If you wish to drive career growth and explore the world of opportunities, learning is an inescapable reality. And nothing better sums the situation than the famous Charles Darwin quote from theory of evolution, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

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