Embracing Green Initiatives: A Corporate Responsibility

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To ensure a greener tomorrow a growing number of nations across the world are taking significant steps towards various "green Initiatives" like waste management and developing sources for renewable energy. USA recycles about 35% of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and 13% is combusted for energy production. On the other hand, Europe is targeting to recycle 65% by 2030.

In addition, as we continue to face growing environmental challenges and air pollution, various non-governmental organizations and civil societies have come together to raise environmental awareness all around the world. The issue has also garnered considerable media attention and enthusiasm amongst prominent and influential people across walks of life, advocating green initiatives and urging people to adopt sustainable practices.

The ‘go green’ or ‘thin green’ movement has found substantial interest amongst organizations too. Environmental practices, once viewed as a mandatory compliance necessity, are now being embraced as green movement and gaining momentum worldwide.

Building an environmentally friendly company
An average business consumes approximately 3.6 tons of paper, 480,000 m3 of water and 1,175,000 KWH per year. Any amount of sustainability practices in businesses can help reduce these numbers considerably.

While more companies across the world are now shifting their focus on integrating green initiatives with business operations, there are still many organizations who do not quite comprehend the criticality of the issue. In some cases, they do not fully understand green projects and sustainability efforts, making it difficult for them to adopt such initiatives.

As natural resources continue to deplete and various environmental issues multiply, going green is becoming crucial, where organizations have a major role to play. They need to commit themselves to reducing their environmental footprint and ensuring superior waste management.

Organizations who recognize that biodiversity is diminishing have devised various programs to promote environmentally responsible practices. These include educating, communicating, engaging, and encouraging participation in the green process. More and more businesses need to adopt such practices. Besides, green initiatives have broader effect that goes beyond just reducing your impact on the environment. Running an environmentally friendly business can significantly improve overall operational efficiency and optimize resource utilization and cost. Simple measures such as turning off monitors and lights, when not in use, can save energy and utility costs, and in turn increase company’s bottom line. Reusing ball point pens instead of throwing them away or using ceramic coffee mugs instead of paper cups can help lower the budget spent on these resources and reduce plastic use and paper waste.

In addition, following sustainability initiatives can help organizations bring its employees, vendors and other stakeholders into the fold of the green movement, force multiplying sustainable practices.

Touting green and sustainable practices
At Nineleaps we are in the process of implementing sustainability projects to fulfill our responsibility towards environment and society at large. Key focus of our green initiative is to raise awareness amongst our employees and motivate them to adopt sustainable practices at home and work.

We will begin with simple green practices, scaling it up overtime to become more eco-friendly organization not only in our operations but also in the products and services we support. And in the process, develop a workforce that understands the importance of going green and our corporate responsibility towards society.

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