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Hey! You forgot to login. Yes, I am talking to you.


Yeah, better. Now you can go.

Sometimes I wish they could hear what I say, but most of the times I am glad that they cannot :-)

One by one they come and accommodate themselves in their places facing the motivation which adorns their desks. Some have written words to help them begin a new day with renewed zeal while others have miniatures of their dreams to help them do their best. The walls too echo inspiration with simple yet impacting quotes inscribed on them.

As the day starts you see one person reminding the other about something, and then like relay-race you see the thought traveling in the floor, making all land in the conference room. Yes, I am talking about the standup meetings which are held every morning to get a gist of what each one has been doing and who will be working on which aspect during the day. Sorted!

In a while, one can hear footsteps following the aroma of tea and coffee and when they are back with their cup full of rejuvenation, all I can hear is the rhythm of the keyboard; no not the musical instrument but the QWERTY. It has got a rhythm unique to each coder and trust me, you cannot find it anywhere else.

Even without copyright, it is solely theirs, and with each sip of coffee, the sound increases exponentially.

The silent breaks with the booting of the systems and thus, their day starts. With different projects running simultaneously, people need to brainstorm on each idea to make it work. Trello boards are created wherein everyone gives their inputs while taking note of the requirements posted by others, and thus work takes pace.

There are times when an idea strikes one and that idea materializes with participation from all; be it the Hackathon, the Sports Day or a team outing.

Once someone thought of a wish tree and within minutes it was reflected on the wall. From those wishes, you get to know how different people think and what matters to them. Although those are anonymous, you get to see the diversity present.

Hope their wishes come true!

Every team works in collaboration to bring in the best results and that is why coordination is the foremost requirement for any project.

A new joinee is as much included as a senior employee in the assignments and this fosters better learning.

While one screen has the wireframe, other has the matrix code showering on it and yet another has the work tested. In all the phases of creating an interface, you not only see the different teams working but also a play of all the emotions. Sometimes, you see them on the verge of giving up, while at times they are rejoicing a success. I have seen them disappointed, I have seen them celebrate and I have also seen them fall and rise back.

When the lunch time comes, all move out heading towards the cafeteria. This is the time when you get to see a new avatar of most of the people. During this time, we hardly see them cracking codes; rather they prefer to crack jokes, and trust me, they can give any famous standup comedian a run for their money.

Three words aptly define this time; chatter (talks), laughter (you know why) and clatter (the plates and spoons).

When someone returns from their hometown, they bring the flavor of their land and everyone gets a mail inviting them to dive into the taste.

After lunch, everyone’s pace gets a little slow and to get out of that mode, there is this riddle session wherein one will post a puzzle. You should see the enthusiasm with which each one awaits the question on Slack. Within minutes after the puzzle appears, multiple answers flow in, together with a flood of comments.

As the day passes by, they again gear up to take the day’s work ahead and with their earphones plugged in, they are unaware of everything but their task. When the project calls for brainstorming, they come together, pitch in their ideas and draw a path to achieve the goal.

It is not always work and work in Nineleaps, people here play with their creative bent of mind quite often. Once they wanted to fill a corner with liveliness. Next thing, paint splashed and overnight they wrote a story with colors.

Often I see people pacing up and down the stairs to help one another. The best part about this place is that you need not hesitate to approach anyone if there is an issue. You never get a no for an answer when you seek guidance from anyone here.

Sometimes too much thinking blocks our mind and we need a refreshment to get back on track. I see people going out to grab a cup of coffee from Café Coffee Day or treat themselves with a mouthwatering pizza at Domino’s, while all the tea lovers gather at Chai Point.

Be that a foodie or a not so foodie person, Koramangala has a plethora to offer when it comes to food joints.Right from Indian, to Vietnamese, to Italian, you name it and you get it.

Perks of having an office at one of the most happening places in Bangalore.

Did I tell you about the ‘What’s On Your Mind’ thing? Oh! How could I forget that? So, there is a board on which people write their thoughts everyday and it helps them speak their minds out.

It’s wonderful how only two three words can comprise a whole story.

Time to go home, but there are many who do not like to break the flow and work till they reach what they set to achieve. Burning the midnight oil, they stay back, spending their nights in the comfort of the bean bags or sofa cum bed. To take a break, they sometimes hit the dart bull’s eye or score some crazy points in carrom.

And here I stand to witness every detail of their day because it’s me through whom they enter and exit everyday.

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