Our Unforgettable Experience at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023

I am continuously seeking out new avenues to explore what lies beyond the familiar, eager to discover perspectives and insights for digital transformation

As a marketer at Nineleaps, I was exploring networking opportunities for us to grow and be known for the values ingrained in each one of us, and I came across the biggest tech event, the Bengaluru Tech Summit! This year with the theme “Breaking Boundaries” and promoting sustainable designs in technology.

This was a global phenomenon that Bengaluru hosts every year. With the Honorable Prime Minister being the chief guest and over 400 multinational companies in attendance, the stage was set for an unforgettable experience. For our marketing and sales team, it was a chance to shine and grow professionally and personally.

The thrill of being there, in between the ambitious businesses, with a perfect professional setup was a sign to not to let go of this opportunity and set up our very own booth!

With all the procedures done and the great support of our team, we were there, rocking our booth setup, live demo, and exciting pitches, with our Sales Director’s guidance, and managerial support.

My colleague Sakshi Bahl and I being novices to such a setup were constantly supported by our respective managers Biplob Das & Hari Krishnan Prasath, and the presence of one of our founders there was particularly motivating, reminding us of our significance at the summit.

We were ready to hit the crowd and engage the audience to not just be passers-by but take an interest, and have mutually engaging and profiting conversations. Our mission was simple: create as many connections as possible.

It was Day 1 at the summit and our hands were shaking with nervous energy as we witnessed the mull of the overwhelming crowd. It was a dynamic crowd filled with delegates, embassy leaders, students, C-suite personnel, and visitors. Amidst this crowd, the anticipation to engage and build a network was the opportunity. As we begin to hit the ground and initiate conversations, talk about Nineleaps, understand the profile of the visitors, and help them understand how we can help them grow. By the end of the day, we had understood there was no one correct way, what worked best was to engage in mutually beneficial conversations and create a connection for Nineleaps to be known in its authentic form.

To our surprise, it became easy, clear, and fun just after 5–7 conversations. I particularly remember talking to a DRDO delegate. With that energy and experience, he had very specific questions and his approach was direct.

“What will you do for product engineering?”

“What is your company’s take on this?”

At the end of it, it became a rapid-fire but it was amazing! If my confidence being a Nineleaper was a 10 it became 100, he was testing us and our confidence and we were not the ones to give up. I felt the rush of representing my organization. That was the beauty of orchestrating conversations of such a crisp level spontaneously.

Other memorable encounters were with Government Representatives seeking networking opportunities. The brief conversation we had, filled with their polite and humble words, was an experience in itself.

Wrapped up day 1 and it was day 2, time for us to explore what the summit had to offer, experience the other presentations, learn about countries and businesses, and do our research!

The setup of this summit at the Royal Bengaluru Palace was a testament to sustainability, encouraging the theme of ‘Breaking Boundaries’ with technology.


The layout was divided into multiple segments, conference arena, startup zone, business booths, and a special “ISRO dome” quite literally!

Moreover, the sustainable design of Bangalore Terminal 2 airport, showcased as a booth, was a personal favorite. Its innovative use of eco-friendly materials was a great visual, adding an extra layer of appreciation for environmental consciousness.

We encountered an array of exhibits from countries like Korea, Australia, Russia, Thailand, and numerous others. Immersing ourselves in each country’s booth, we learned about their visionary initiatives for digital transformation and gained invaluable inputs about their perspectives, outlooks, and eagerness to seek global opportunities.

When you are in business seeking out connections the drive and hunger to prove yourself works as the best motivator, something that was exhibited perfectly at the “Startup zone” ranging from budding entrepreneurs to unicorn startups, they were all there. The more I talk about it the more inspired I feel. There were Holograms, brilliant exhibits of inclusive prototypes, and next-generation marketing and business ideas displays, all with enthusiastic speakers!


Our next stop was the Chandrayaan ISRO- Space Industry Pavilion. As a proud Indian the work of ISRO always moves me, the one stop where every Indian unites and feels the pride of every mission being held irrespective of the outcome. The displays in the dome were testimony to those moments. In-depth information about the major projects, models of the spacecraft, and life-size Vikram lander model.

It was an exhilarating experience knowing Bengaluru was a host to so many countries with us pioneering digital transformation. With day 2 coming to an end, it was time to prepare for the last day.

We didn’t rely on flashy displays or aggressive sales tactics but made genuine connections through our conversation and lasting memories and a unique booth concept we pulled off with great success was the Lucky Draw.

After collecting business cards all 3 days, the fish bowl finally decided the lucky winner on the summit’s final day. Winning a Fender Guitar put a huge smile on Mr. Satya’s face, & the thought of how much his son would appreciate the gift, his eyes filled with tears!

It was a perfect end to a brilliant experience.

After 3 days, 21 hours, and with 4 of us, along with more than 1000 conversations, we were proud that Nineleaps stood out!

We firsthand realized, learned, and witnessed as Nineleapers what IMPACT truly meant to us and how our principles were distinguished.

We learned that the answer to every question isn’t always technical and isn’t always what the visitors are looking for. It is the relationship, spontaneity & genuineness we built in a short conversation. What helped us were the values and our passion for technology that has sustained us over the years.

Three exhaustive days of interacting with country leaders, founders, business owners, students and so many more led us to not only a successful exhibition but also an intensive learning program. As the saying goes, “You don’t truly understand until you’re in the thick of it.”

Bengaluru Tech Summit provided us with the perfect battleground to make our mark with our considerable and powerful impact.

In the end, being recognized with the ‘Feather on the Hat’ award was a testimony to the hard work we put in for over a month.

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