This Is The New Version Of The Fairytale Magic We Grew Up With

Enough is never enough!

A lot has changed in the past twenty years, and we can credit a majority of it to the advent of the internet and mobile phones. Now we do not have to stand in long queues to pay bills or withdraw money from the bank. The new generation might not even know that something called deposit and withdrawal forms existed once upon a time.
Almost everything that exists now has a prefixing ‘e’ to it; be it email, ebusiness, etail, or ecommerce. This electronic version of life is indeed gaining pace and why not? It has all the reason to be accepted by all, young and old. Not only accepted but incorporated as an integral part of our being. It has made our lives easy, and solved problems which we did not even know existed.

When we complained about carrying cash, they came up with the idea of plastic money; when we did not want to go out for grocery shopping or visit malls for the forthcoming party, we got introduced to online shops. Whenever we had a problem, there was someone who came up with a solution, and most of it had to do with technology.

Now we know what the renowned entrepreneur Jack Ma meant by

“Opportunity lies in the place where the complaints are.”

The present scenario around which the world revolves has been summed up in four words, that are social, mobile, analytics and cloud, popularly known as SMAC. These are the four pillars on which the current technological advancement rests.
Internet of Things (IoT) is soon going to become a household phrase and thus, Big Data is certainly going to get bigger.

Considering the pace at which the technological framework is building up, there is no doubt that soon we will be introduced to newer settings. And in no time those will replace the older ones, becoming part and parcel of our lives.

Every day, we, as the Nineleaps team, become part of many stories which see the beginning of a change; a change which is meant for the greater good of the society.
It is that one idea around which we knit a web, working day in and day out to bring people’s vision to reality.

Unlike fairytales, we do not get what we desire at the sound of three claps, but we surely get it with a few clicks!