Success Is Not Just A 7 Letter Word

A lot goes into translating something to success

The Golden Gate! Beautiful… Isn’t it?

The first time I heard of it was when I learned of the first novel by renowned author Vikram Seth. With changing times and Bay-area booming with new business innovations, this bridge has, however, become symbolic of the startup culture.

Coming back to the Golden Gate… What do you find most attractive about it? For me it is the ascending descending suspender which gives the feel of beautiful waves; a sense of continuity. It is then that I realize the importance of each suspender; right from the biggest to the smallest. Take one out of the structure and it will no longer give the aesthetic pleasure nor will it be as strong a support as it is.

A thought struck and since I was in no position to command it, I substituted each of these suspenders as a person, with different characteristics; strengths and weaknesses. Say, a company which has a variety of employees, each having a unique personality. Like the suspenders of the bridge, these people also have a significant contribution towards the growth and success of the company.

At Nineleaps, we realize the importance of every employee and we know it is ‘us’ which can help us grow together and hence, INCLUSION is the first value we emphasize on.
By the term inclusion, we mean that in a team everyone’s opinion is important and no decision should be taken without considering all of it. Here, we also follow the first name culture; no bias depending on ethnicity, race or caste. What goes without saying is that we treat everyone with dignity and respect our differences, be it of thought or work.

We as humans are meant to have a difference of opinion but this should not hinder us from speaking our minds out. If we are facing any issue because of this, we make sure that we talk it out rather than keeping it to ourselves. Also, if someone is in need of our help, we try to keep it on the top of our priority list and assist them at the earliest.

This is what makes Nineleaps a beautiful place; to work, to learn.