Moments Which Take Us Down The Memory Lane

Success, no matter how big or small, makes a mark. It is something which is visible to all, but we never realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg. What lies underneath, hidden, is the tireless effort, unrelenting passion, sleepless nights and constant motivation to do better.

Have you ever thought why we say success story and not success incident?

The answer is simple; success is not something which we achieve in a day or overnight. It is a gradual process which requires us never to give up. It is a journey where we are more likely to encounter failure than success, but what matters is our attitude towards those failures.

The journey of Nineleaps is somewhat like this.

Three years back, an idea and an unalterable determination gave birth to this venture.

So far, the road has sometimes been steep, sometimes curvy and many a time full of obstacles. Well, this was how it was meant to be, but what was surprising was the way we dealt with the hindrances. Every time we fell, we rose with double the enthusiasm and refreshed approach.

Hip Hip Hurray!


This company, which began with a handful of people, has grown by 180% last year. A dream which a few people shared has now become a vision of all those who joined in the journey.

Going that extra mile…


We have conviction and this made our clients believe in us. We got projects which helped us multiply our knowledge. Slowly and gradually, many projects flowed in, and we ventured into new domains, with our army of superheroes. Be it a person who has been there since the first assignment or someone who joined the crew in the most recent ones, one thing is common in us; the ‘never say die’ attitude!

With this fervor we observed the Third Foundation Day of Nineleaps. On this day, it was time to appreciate the efforts made by all who have brought the company to the place it is today. It was time to rejoice the togetherness. Our families too joined in the celebration along with our Nineleaps family.

One big family

From anchors to painters, singers to dancers, this startup surely is a storehouse of talents.

Our anchors at their best


Music, Melody & Rhythm


Awards of Appreciation


The contribution of people towards business growth was recognized and appreciated.

This was a great beginning of the year, and we hope to have a more fabulous year ahead.