Interview Coach Module for A Not-For-Profit Skill Enhancement Organization

Empowering Users with AI-Driven Personalized Coaching and Lifelike Interaction.

The Business Challenge:

The client noticed that there was a need to coach their users on how to effectively crack interviews once they had gained certifications in their courses. They wanted to effectively use generative AI to build a coach that would help them achieve their vision. 

The Nineleaps Solution:  

  • Nineleaps partnered with the client to help them build an AI Interview Coach to help prep their users based on the courses they undertook. This coach harnessed the power of leading Large Language Models, including GPT-4, Falcon LLM, and LaMDA AI to conduct mock interviews and act the role of an interviewer.
  • An interface was also built with an interactive avatar capable of mimicking human interaction and playing the role of the interviewer. The users were given the opportunity to select their topic of interest, their seniority in the system, and the various courses associated with the client’s learning database.
  • A novel camera integration feature further enhanced the experience by allowing the user to observe themselves during the interview. Questions generated can either be answered by text or by voice which would be converted to text and later shared with the LLM model for processing.
  • The voice-generated text could also be edited to ensure the accuracy of the conversion. At the end of the interview, a comprehensive report is generated with which the user can choose to either retake the interview or attempt a different variation of it. A comprehensive history of the interviews was also maintained.

Business Benefits:

  • Enhanced user success: Improved interview skills increase user employability and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Increased user engagement and retention: The AI Interview Coach encourages ongoing use of the platform.
  • Personalized learning paths: Users can tailor their learning experience, making courses more effective.
  • Valuable data insights: A comprehensive interview history helps in refining courses and coaching.
  • Competitive edge and scalability: Advanced AI technology sets the client apart and allows for a broader impact.

About the Client:

The client is a not-for-profit organization with the primary mission of accelerating economic development in emerging economies by driving large-scale job creation through entrepreneurship, innovation, and skills development.


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