This Is How We Infused The Shot Of Energy & Excitement Into Our Company Culture

We did it in a not so conventional way and the results were overwhelming

What comes to your mind when we talk about employee engagement and team bonding? Some activities during a team outing? Yes, that’s what we usually associate it with. However, we did not want to follow conventions and do what most people will do. That is when we brainstormed and came up with this.

A sports tournament!

Ever since the announcement of the event, the thrill kept building up every single day.

Team Up

One of the first and foremost activity here was to nominate captains and managers for the four teams and then select the team members through the bidding process.
During the process, the room suddenly felt silent at moments and at times instantly erupted into laughter. From the first name to the last one, the environment brimmed with excitement.

Then came the time to name the teams. Lots and lots of suggestions poured in.

While some named theirs in an instant as ‘Winners’, others had a debate within themselves to change the name from ‘White Walkers’ to ‘Astra’ (Game of Thrones fans, do not be disheartened). Again, there were the ones who wanted to revolutionise the event, therefore, came up with the name ‘Kranti’ and another team added some Italian flavour by naming themselves ‘El Diavolo’ (the team members took a couple of days to get fluent with the name) *giggles*

Active Mornings

The practice sessions had begun with full fervour, and it was evident that the real event was going to be even more energetic and engaging.
The event was named ‘Clash of Titans’, and it began with the indoor games.

We had Carrom, Chess, Bridge, and Dart. Unique, we know *wink*

The format had a set of knockout matches, and the winners in those were to compete in the finals. The inclusion of everyone was made sure by the format. Female participants were encouraged to take part in outdoor sports. They were seen playing relay race, cricket and throwball as well.

We kickstarted the event with good wishes from the organizing team and the carrom boards were set.

With every game-changing action, cheers and sighs erupted together.

Following that was chess, dart and bridge. We were surprised by the talent our colleagues had. It was like seeing a new avatar of each one of them.
People put in their best efforts to bring their teams to the top. We had friends in other squads, but on the ground, it was our team that mattered the most.

It Was Time For Some More Action

Once done with the indoor games, we were all geared up for the outdoor ones.

The day was 17th December, and for many of us, it was a long hiatus since we last played any outdoor sport. Tied in our daily lives, shuffling between home and office, we did not realise how years passed by. But this event came as a breath of fresh air. Even if it called for extra effort, we were happy to do that.

The final day of the event came, and though it was hard to pull ourselves up from the bed in such wintry morning, we got up and reached the venue with full energy.

Soon after arriving there we rested our bags on the chairs and rushed in for the warm up sessions. A little stretching, a bit of jogging and we were good to go.

With girls’ throw ball match the day started, building up the excitement. The schedule made it possible to conduct two different games simultaneously. While two teams were fighting each other to take the ball to the goal post, other two teams were trying to hit boundaries or the stumps.

The Excitement Continues

After the knockout matches, it was time for the finals, and the clock said it was lunch time too. Thus, we had to take a break from the action-packed matches and divert ourselves towards the dining area.

There, everyone was behaving like a good host and asking the other to eat well (reason you must have guessed) *chuckle*

Within a while we were back to the ground, awaiting the finals to take place. Cricket final was the one with which we started the second half of the day, and with both teams putting up the best of a fight, the match was indeed nail biting.

When it is football, there ought to be a few injuries and arguments. Without it, the game does not seem complete. During the match, there were many heart throbbing moments when we saw the ball just miss the goal post or get right through.

Volleyball final was too captivating for words. Each team swung the ball to keep it in air or drop it on the other side of the net. Every time the referee said “game point”, the match gained more momentum.

The team of girls played Throw ball and just owned it. Seeing them play, no one can make out that they do not play regularly.

In the field, we got to see great examples of sportsman spirit and team spirit.

Matches played, winner decided.

Along with that we also had awards for Man of the Tournament, Woman of the Tournament, Best Captain and Best Manager.

The day came to a closure and even though the rolling trophy was with one team, we all had a feeling of achievement. Many of us who had underestimated ourselves way too much, realised our capabilities by the end of the event.

This sports day was not only a break from the usual routine but also a time for new learning, new friendships and most importantly, knowing what we can achieve if we break our mental blocks.

We initiated the event with objectives of team building, imbibing sports spirit in our daily life and learning. By the time the sports event came to an end, what we had achieved was people who were more of friends than colleagues. Also, we transformed into highly motivated individuals who do not fear to take up a challenge, no matter how new and arduous it is.