We are WorkoFrolics

We began by taking a step into the world of product development. With our unrelenting focus and drive to make an impact through tech innovations, that step became a giant leap.

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An Army Of Superheroes

Our superheroes take the product ideas to fruition. The expert teams of design, development, project management, quality assurance, sales and marketing work in a close-knit network to help clients.

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Creating Magic Across Domains

We work in the areas of mobile, web, analytics and Big Data promoting experimentation with new technology and techniques. We love open source platforms as they breed innovation and ingenuity.

Engineering Practices

The iterative and incremental nature of agile development accelerates the speed to market.

Experience Design

In-house design team simplifies the complex applications bringing best user experience to life.

System Architecture

The solid foundation ensures robust systems, high performance, scalability and channel agnostic products.


A constant validation helps to rectify issues as they appear, ensuring faster outputs and better quality.