New Year Resolutions & Doomed Promises

Another new year ushered in with renewed joys and hopes.

Although every year ends to begin with another in the same season and within 24 hours, yet as soon as we enter a new year, we feel everything is new.

Why not? A new beginning is what we all need to make a fresh start it seems. And, what is the first word which comes to your mind as soon as we speak of new year (apart from party!) Yes! You got it right… it is the big fat resolutions which we start making about a month before January 1st. Then what?

For most of us, the resolutions go down south and we almost forget about it, only to make a new resolution when another new year dawns. Creating new year resolutions seems to be the regular exercise for a lot of us. There are people who keep up to the words they make to themselves, but for most of us, we are the most lenient to ourselves, hence, making excuses become easy (promises which sound real).

What is the reason for this for this cyclical routine? Why can we not honor the resolutions we take up with such zeal?

Before putting up this question to you, I took enough time to ponder on it myself and reached some conclusions.

As far as I think, it mostly happens because the challenges we take up are too cumbersome to be achieved.

Rome was not built in a day. So is the case with ourselves. Building ourselves and revamping our old habits, it will take some time and conscious efforts.

Now that we have figured out the problem what do we do next!

We now need to find a solution around it!

‘Take one step at a time’ is the mantra that will work wonders.

Rather than planning to hit the gym and get in shape within a couple of weeks, start with waking up early. Once you get used to getting up early, (which will take some time), take the next little step — a stroll around your place or the park nearby.

If you stay at a walkable distance from office, try taking the longer route to reach office.

Before diving into a no fat diet or a six meals a day regime, make sure to have a routine in meals and sleep (try to eat and sleep on a particular time). This will build your biological clock (Circadian clock) and once this happens, you can do away with the multiple alarms which you snooze every morning.

We all are aware of the numerous articles telling us to hydrate ourselves. Most of us drink water when we are thirsty, which may not be sufficient. In order to ensure you are drinking enough water in a day, keep a water bottle next to you at your workstation or entertainment desk (now don’t be lazy to fill it up). Maybe, you can utilize that alarm to schedule your water intake habit.

Today, while I was talking to a friend, I heard an alarm buzz. It was a smartphone app reminding him to drink water. I thought it was a smart thing to do.

From my personal experience, I guess the low waist trousers and stretchable dress material are also playing a role in the addition to that BMI score without our knowledge. You are smart enough to decipher this.

Read this somewhere and since then it is stuck in my head. “Eat your fruits and drink your vegetables”. The crowded juice shops are our go-to place when we think of going the healthy way. But trust me, it is not as healthy as we think. In fact, I see at it as the sugar factory. Don’t get me wrong, I did not mean the The Sugar Factory, the nightclub in Bangalore. The fruit juices we have consist of sugar sans the fiber. What we can do is eat a fruit rather than the juice. As far as drinking vegetables is concerned, well, a vegetable stew or juice is what we can start having. We all know that vegetables lose nutrients in the process of cooking, hence, the best way to retain those is to not cook it.

I hope now eating fruits and drinking vegetables makes sense!

Happy Health…
Thanks to Silvy Peter.