Catering to 8 brands across 5 countries in 2 languages through a single code base

Nineleaps helps leading retailer architect a micro front-end-based solution using a single code base to easily cater to multiple brands' applications

A leading apparel retailer with a strong presence in MENA and India with a turnover of over $7bn was finding it difficult to push new features or updates as their apps were developed on both native platforms and had their own codebases with very few shared components.

They partnered with Nineleaps to find a solution that would enable them to overcome the difficulties they were facing when trying to push their feature updates. We architected a micro front-end-based solution that would use a single code base and was configuration-driven to build systems to ensure catering to each brand’s unique experience.

The solution was implemented using React Native and enabled the various brands to use the new codebase and established clear coding and review standards with practices like storybook for easy extensions.

We also integrated configurable components using the atomic design which enabled the clients to easily plug and play between the various concepts. Finally, we optimized the performance of applications across platforms with robust application performance metrics and user analytics in place and developed and established a complete suite of continuous integration and delivery pipelines that entailed static code analysis, UI tests on device farms, regression test suite, basic security scans, and build systems for iOS and Android.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Layouts for the home page
  • Promotions
  • Product Listing
  • Product Reviews
  • Checkout and Order Management
  • Multiple Languages (English and Arabic)
  • A/B Testing framework
  • Firebase and Google Analytics
  • App Performance Monitoring
  • Log Aggregation


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